If you own a business, are an entrepreneur, manage a church or ministry, or run a non-profit organization then you must have a website.  I am surprised at how many advertisements I see in local publications for businesses that do not have a website.  Some may show a link to a Facebook page, but not their own website.  This is important because there are significant benefits to having a website for your own business whether you are a sole proprietor or a large corporation. You must have a website in addition to other forms of advertisements.

Let me provide you some of the benefits to having a website for your business


A website provides a web presence for your business allowing potential customers to access information about your company as well as its products and/or services 24×7. This is important because people use the Internet to find products and services.  I did this myself when looking for a carpet cleaner.  I found a local one online, called right then, and booked an appointment. I did the same thing to get my dryer duct cleaned.  People are searching the web for products and services and you should have a presence on the web so that your organization’s products, goods, or resources can be found too.


A website gives the impression of credibility.  There is a sense that a real business would have a website so people tend to look for websites of organizations to in a sense validate them as being credible.  Of course any company can obtain a website, but there is something credible about a company that takes the time to have a website with information readily available to the public online.

For example, how many times have you seen an ad on television and visited their website to gather more information without the pressure of talking to a sales person?  How many times have you listened to a commercial on the radio only to visit their website?  What’s more, how many times have you looked at an advertisement in a publication and visited their website?  Those who don’t have a website will not be pursued any further in most cases because information is readily available from those organizations that have a website.


A website is a very effective way to advertise your organization’s products or services, especially if SEO services are used. What’s more, through a website you can sell your products and services online.  A person looking for what you offer can make the purchase immediately.  You will not get that sale if you do not have a website.

Of course your website can be used in other forms of marketing.  You could blog, which is another type of website (or part of one), which in turn leads people to your main organization website.  An article in Facebook can have a link to your website.  All of these help to make your website, and therefore your organization, more accessible by those looking for what you offer.


A website provides interaction with potential and current customers 24×7.  Of course, your contact information will be readily available on your website so that people can contact you if they have questions or need more information.  Your website could also include various contact forms that people can complete and submit to you without worrying about talking to a sales person (though some sites make you provide contact information so that they can call you back so, be aware of that).

Your website can include the ability for visitors to leave comments on articles that you post, especially on your blog or vlog posts.  This way you can readily interact with them by answering their questions, and in general having conversations so to speak.


I mentioned previously that you can sell your products or services online.  More and more stores are doing this.  Consider the many department stores that have online stores, e.g., Walmart, JCPenney, Sears, etc.  Consider the number of local restaurants that have online ordering where you can have your food delivered or you could go pick it up!

Setting up an online store for your organization is a great way to increase sales of those products and services.  Of course, Reggie’s PC Resources can do this for you.


Of course a great benefit of having a website is that people can readily learn about the products and services that you offer.  They can also learn more about the organization through “About Us” pages and the like.  Some sites include information about staff to be even more transparent.  Some sites include pictures of key staff members and the like.


A website can save money in printing costs.  Since your website can reach more people than any print advertisement campaign can, you can reach more people for less money than without a website.  Your website is only a search away and is not dependent on whether someone has a print ad for your organization.


Churches benefit from a website by posting worship services, events, meetings, and much more.  They can post sermons through video/audio or written notes to the public.  Churches can also take advantage of the global aspect of the internet by interacting with people all over the world.  The author also runs Pursuing the Truth Ministries and he receives questions from people all over the world pertaining to Christianity, the bible, marriage, etc.  The internet is a great way for Churches to extend its ministry beyond the local setting of the church building.


A website can reach people that you otherwise would not reach personally.  People can purchase items from your online store as described previously, but they can also donate to your “cause” so to speak if you are a non-profit or church.  Having a way for people to donate funds or other items to your organization is a powerful benefit of having a website.  Someone in another state may be interested in helping you accomplish your vision and decide to donate money or items for that purpose.


A website does not have to be an expensive project.  I basic website can be created to provide basic information about the company and its products and/or services. A full featured website could be created as well.  Though these do cost more than a basic website, they provide a full range of features to sell products and services or to interact with potential and current customers, e.g., blogs.

The major disadvantage to not having a website is that your competitors probably have one.  Therefore, people are likely to find your competitor and use their product or service instead of yours.

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