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RPCR provides website development and internet technology support and services with a personal touch to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits.
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Reggie’s PC Resources (RPCR) is a website design, development, and technical support company located in Lansdale, PA serving the Montgomery County, PA area and beyond.

RPCR is dedicated to helping you to efficiently and effectively use internet technologies within your organization. Our services include website design and development, computer upgrades, computer purchasing services, network support, and education through online courses, articles, and eBooks.

About Reggie

William Reginald Cunningham

William Reginald Cunningham

Owner & Operator


Reggie is the owner and operator of Reggie’s PC Resources. He has had a penchant for electronics, physics, and science since he was a child in the 1970s. He used to take apart radios, televisions, and anything else he could get his hands on.  He spent much time trying to figure out how things worked.  Reggie loves helping people, and technology is just one way that he does it.  Reggie has been married since 1988 and has one son.

Reggie’s PC Resources is operated using Christian principles because Reggie is a Christian and also a Christian minister.  He has always been reluctant to divulge this type of information when promoting his business, but he finally realized that it is who he is and sharing that information helps people to know more about him when they consider letting him into their homes or businesses.

Reggie’s Experience

Reggie still enjoys working with computer hardware and networks. He has worked with various Windows desktop and server operating systems, SQL Server, MySQL, a little bit of Oracle, and Exchange Server.

Reggie is heavily involved with developing websites and web applications using technologies such as ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, and Python,.

Reggie also loves teaching. His affinity to teaching spills over to his clients because he believes in the educated consumer. He does one-on-one and group instruction. That is where the personal touch of RPCR’s service comes from.

You can read more about Reggie and see what he is up to at his personal website: www.WilliamRCunningham.com.