About us

About Us

We are a internet technology company dedicated to helping your organization grow

Dedicated to Your Success With Technology


Reggie’s PC Resources is an internet technology service and support company owned and operated by William R. Cunningham (AKA Reggie).  Our services include website development and hosting for businesses, churches, non-profits, and entrepreneurs, computer and networking support, consulting, and system maintenance services.  Our focus is to use technology as a tool to help your business grow.   RPCR believes in the personal touch in support and services.   We really care that your business does well.

We believe in the educated client.  That doesn’t mean that we expect our clients to be IT specialists.  However, we realize the benefits of having some basic knowledge of the technology that is used in the same way that knowing something about the car you drive will help you maintain it better.  This can, for example, help our clients protect themselves even more against malware and system failures.

Reggie’s PC Resources (RPCR) evolved from a company started by three brothers in the early 1990’s called the C3E company (Cunningham Computers Communications and Electronics). RPCR began when William R. Cunningham (Reggie) wanted to provide technology support to his community when C3E disbanded.  He wanted to have a website so he had to think of a domain name.  This is where Reggie’s PC Resources came from.  The domain was registered in 1998 and he created a basic website for his personal company.  It was in 2003 that he reigstered the name with the state of Pennsylvania. officially began in 2003, however the owner has been doing IT consulting work since the mid-1980’s. William Cunningham (AKA Reggie) is a graduate of Drexel University with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Reggie has had a penchant for electronics and “how things work” since he was a child. This later manifested in experiments and then in helping people with their various devices.

RPCR started as a means to provide computer support services to the community, churches, small businesses and individuals. RPCR provided computer diagnosis and repair services, custom application development, and system consultation. Reggie is active in the community.  Click here  to read some of the articles that he has written for various publications.

RPCR moved into Internet technologies and networking. We have helped design and implement networking systems in homes, and businesses. We provide computer configuration for network access, web development, domain name registration, and web hosting services. Today we offer many services in the area of networking. See our services page for a list of the services that we provide.