Reggie Offers Several Services to Help Your Organization Grow

Website Development and Hosting

Reggie has been building websites for organizations and entrepreneurs since the 1990s. Let us build a website from your requirements that will be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and a tool to help your organization grow.

Computer Support Services

Reggie provides computer support services to help your systems run reliably. We offer proactive system monitoring to help catch problems before they appear, system maintenance services to keep your computers running in tip-top shape, and troubleshooting if something does go awry with a computer.

Proactive Monitoring

Reggie can monitor your computers and servers to help catch problems before they occur and to help ensure that your systems run reliably and efficiently. Our proactive monitoring service also provides patch management to keep your operating system running smoothly.

Networking Services

Reggie can design and support your internal local area network and connection to the Internet via your internet provider. We can also construct and support your wireless network in your home or office.


We provide a plethora of services to support you with the technology that you use. These include consulting, Windows server support, SEO, internet marketing, and much more.