SiteGround. One of the Best Hosting Platforms I’ve Ever Used.

Do you want a stellar hosting company for your website?  Well, look no further because you have found the hosting company that you’ve been hoping for. SiteGround.  I have been using SiteGround to host the websites I create for my clients for several years.  In particular, I was looking for a hosting platform that worked well with WordPress.  I now use SiteGround for my WordPress sites and PHP-based sites.  The site you’re on now is hosted on SiteGround.  Let me tell you why I use SiteGround and why you should too.

– William R. Cunningham (Owner, Reggie’s PC Resources)

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My Experience With SiteGround

SiteGround is Crazy Fast!

One thing that set SiteGround apart from other hosting companies that I’ve used for WordPress sites, is the speed at which those sites loaded.  I was amazed at how fast my clients’ sites performed when I moved them to SiteGround.  I really noticed the difference when I was asked to redo a website for a company in Delaware, USA.  I created a development site within my SiteGround account and finished the project.  I migrated the site to their BlueHost account and noticed a decrease in performance immediately  The bottom line is that SiteGround’s servers are fast!

Several Hosting Plans Available

SiteGround has several hosting plans to choose from.  These include shared web hosting for personal and business websites, WordPress managed hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and cloud hosting.

Fantastic Technical Support

Technical support was always very helpful whenever I had a question or a problem.  Sometimes I would submit a ticket and sometimes I would do a live chat, and sometimes I would call.  Though the need for technical support has been infrequent, it is still good to know that they are there for you.

SiteGround is Secure

SiteGround uses several components to ensure that your site is safe and that it is up 99.99% of the time. For example, SiteGround uses Linux containers (LXC), Pro-active server monitoring, unique anti-bot AI, and secure account isolation.

Lots of Features

There are many features that are available to you with SiteGround.  One thing that I really like is the FREE encryption (TLS/SSL) via Let’s Encrypt. You don’t have to pay for a TLS/SSL certificate just to have encryption on your site. It’s all part of the account.  You access this feature through the control panel that many Linux-based hosting companies have.

Some other great features are


  • Daily backups
  • Optional malware checker
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • Easy database administration
  • Easy file management
  • Installer for popular software, e.g., WordPress, Joomla, etc.
  • Several account types to choose from
  • Easy access to account information
  • And much more

SiteGround is Better Than BlueHost

I said earlier that several years ago I was looking for a hosting company specifically for WordPress websites.  At that time BlueHost came highly recommended, so I tried it.  I didn’t like it at all.  The interface was a bit clunky.  I was introduced to SiteGround while taking a web design course for WordPress.  I was hooked. SiteGround’s interface was straight forward and easy to use.  The support was very responsive and the speed was incredible, as I mentioned previously.  For me, SiteGround was much better than BlueHost.  I closed my account and moved all of my WordPress and PHP sites to SiteGround.

    Web Hosting

    Great For Hosting WordPress Websites

    SiteGround offers managed WordPress hosting, which I use for my clients’ WordPress websites.  They provide automatic updates, daily backups, security, and lots of speed.  There are many features available just for WordPress websites, that make owning or managing a WordPress website that much easier.  I highly recommend SiteGround for hosting WordPress websites.

      Highly Recommended

      I highly recommend SiteGround for your hosting needs, whether you have a personal or business website.  I use SiteGround for my personal sites, my business sites, and my client’s sites for WordPress, PHP, or even basic HTML sites.  SiteGround has been very reliable and the tech support very accessible.  You can’t go wrong.


      Get Web Hosting With SiteGround Now!

      I’ve already explained how SiteGround is the company to go to if you want reliable, secure, and feature-rich website hosting. I use it and you should too.