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My name is Reggie and I suppose you saw my add in the Christian Business Guide.  I have been doing tech for over 30 years.  I build, host, and maintain websites for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and churches using various web technologies.  I also provided other IT services such as computer & network support, consulting, and Search Engine Optimization & Marketing.  Let me help you and your business today! 

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Website Design

Reggie’s PC Resources designs and develops websites for small businesses.  We take your requirements and use it to build a website that is designed to help build your business using various techniques and technologies to convert visitors to customers/clients.

Website Design

The goal is to help you use the website to accomplish the goals that you have for your organization.  The website is a great way to gain exposure in areas that you would probably not have exposure in because of the global nature of the internet.

We build all types of websites, ranging from simple static sites to full e-commerce solutions.  We can also build your website using a content manager so that you would be able to manage, or occasionally update, your own content.  Popular content management systems that we use are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. 

We use several technologies for building websites.  These include HTML/CSS, Active Server Pages (for legacy sites), Microsoft .NET Technologies, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, ModX, Joomla, and WooCommerce.

Hosting & Webmaster Services

We provide hosting services for your website in addition to webmaster services for websites that we create for you or by another firm.  Our goal is for your website to run smoothly and be an integral part of growing your business.


Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not as it was only a few years ago.  We use an “organic” approach to SEM and SEO.  While some other firms use gimmicks and tricks, we focus on creating a great source (e.g., webpage or landing page) instead of trying to trick search engines into ranking a site highly.

We work with you so that your site naturally ranks as high as possible.  We also help you to develop a strategy to market your product(s) or service(s) on the Internet.  We believe that if you simply create a great site with great content, then your site will naturally rank highly without the tricks and gimmicks. We can also help you to use other methods to promote your product such as social media, generating an email list and marketing to it, paid ads, etc.

Are you an online entrepreneur?  Well, you know that you need a website and ways to promote your products online.  Let us help you with the technology that you will need to make this happen.  Don’t worry about building a website, because we can take care of that for you affordably.  We can consult you on available services and resources as well.  Let us help you build your online business.

Consulting  & Support

Reggie will use over 30 years of technology experience to consult you on the effective use of technology implementation and to support those technologies. Reggie provides PC and networking support, consulting, and system maintenance at reasonable prices.


Do you need help putting it all together with regards to internet technologies?  No worries.  Reggie can consult you on the technologies that you can use in your organization to help make things run smooth and efficiently.

Computers & Networks

We will help you purchase, setup, integrate, and network computers in your environment.  We can also install a computer network in your environment as a physical or virtual implementation.

Maintenance & Updates

We can help you maintain your computer environment using a proactive monitoring system that is designed to detect problems before they occur and enable us to ensure that your computers are patched and always up-to-date.

My Process


I gather your requirements and learn what your needs are.  I develop a plan to build the website.


I design and develop the website to your requirements using my creative juices so to speak.

Site Review

You review the site and provide feedback. We then refine the design to your specific requests.

Go Live

The website goes live and we begin to implement the maintenance services to keep it fresh.

Featured Work

Website Development`


Med-ERRS is a medication safety company specializing  in the safety of medication names and trademarks.  I worked with their consultant to build their website.  It was to replace a website that they had that was written using the Microsoft .NET technology.

This project lasted a few months as I worked with their business consultant to build a brand new website as part of their rebranding efforts.

Website Development

Murphy Hearing Services

This project is an example of what I love to do, namely to help people with technology.  Dr. Murphy was spending a “fortune” on his website needlessly.  Like many others, a web company was taking his money and provide little services for the money.

I was able to redo Dr. Murphy’s website and at the same time save him hundreds of dollars per month on website maintenance fees–and I provide the services that he pays for.

 This is a basic website that was completed very quickly.  Dr. Murphy was pleased with the results (see our testimonies).

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a basic website and you should expect work to be done for the website maintenance that you pay for, which we are sure to do.


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About Me

Hi there! I’m Reggie and I’ve Been Building Websites for Over 20 Years

Technology is my life.  I’ve been building websites for businesses, churches, and entrepreneurs since the mid 1990s and I love it!  I use several technologies depending on your requirements.  These range from Drupal and WordPress CMS systems, Microsoft .Net technologies, PHP, HTML/CSS sites, and more.  I love using technology and I use my experience and knowledge to build websites that will help organizations grow.

Years of Web Development Experience

Website Projects

Years of IT Support

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What People Are Saying About Reggie's PC Resources

  • Reggie helped rebuild my website that was in desperate need of a more professional look. He was able to complete my site earlier than expected with a reasonable price. Highly recommend!

  • I am certainly THANKFUL for your business and relationship.

  • Reggie.  It is a continued pleasure to have worked with you all of these years.

  • You've been my computer 'go to' man for at least 25 years, (if not longer) that we've worked together....Throughout this time, I've never lost or been unable to retrieve data, even though the computer died.No matter the problem, you've always have made a way. That's many a computer, over these years!!!

  • I know I am on a better track with you and your sensible, straightforward approach. Robin Coppinger called and I thanked her for having you in the Bucks County Women's Journal. I gave her a run down. She sings the praises of you. You are light years better than anything else and are in the process of pulling my rear end out of a ditch.

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