Purchasing Assistance

Purchasing Assistance

Do you need a computer, printer, or some other computer-related device?  No worries.  Reggie’s PC Resources can acquire  the product that you need.  For example, we can help you choose the computer system that will meet your specific needs. It doesn’t stop there.  We will recommend appropriate computer and computer-related products for your home, office, or church.  These  include printers, network routers, wireless access points, scanners, and much more.  Just answer our questions and we’ll get the appropriate product for your needs.

There’s still more!  Is your laptop running ok, but the battery doesn’t hold a charge?  No problem.  Reggie’s PC Resources can help you get a replacement battery for your laptop.  We can help get other components that you need for your computer or laptop without having to buy a new one.

Reggies PC Resources will help you obtain the computer equipment you need and help you maintain those equipment.  We have access to a plethora of products from Dell, HP, NetGear, Cisco, and more.

Software Too!

Not only can we help you acquire the hardware components that you need, we can also help you get the software that you need too.  This includes operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8, Microsoft Office, Adobe products, and more.

We can even help by helping you acquire the necessary training that you may need to use the software that you intend on using.  From hardware to software you will have no worries.

The Network

These days most people have a home or office network.  Your computers may talk to each other, other devices on the network, or the Internet.  Don’t worry.  We have you covered.  Reggie’s PC Resources can help you implement and maintain a computer network.  From wireless to wired networks–we are there for you.

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