Reggie believes in the educated consumer.  That isn’t to say that people should be experts or proficient in information technologies.  No.  Not at all.  What Reggie believes is that the more you are aware of, then the more you are able to make wise decisions about the technologies you use and the more you can protect yourself from IT professionals that would otherwise take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

Reggie provided educational opportunities in many ways.



Reggie provides seminars to educate the community on various aspects of internet technologies.  These could include topics such as “What to Know if you Own a Website”, “Being Safe Surfing the Web”, “Introduction to Computers”, and much more.  The primary purpose of these seminars is to help businesses and individual wisely and safely use internet technologies to grow their business or just be more informed using such technologies.



Reggie gives workshops to help people have hands-on experiences with various technologies.  One of the more popular workshops is Introduction to Computers where people learn the basic parts of a computer.  This, in turn, helps them better choose a computer for themselves or others.



Reggie also publishes videos on YouTube and Vimeo.  These videos are designed to once again educate people on certain aspects of information technology.  The videos provide instruction on components, procedures, and they also provide information.



Reggie also regularly publishes articles in a few local publications: Bucks County Woman’s Journal, Montgomery County Woman’s Journal, and Lehigh Valley Woman.  The articles are meant to help the community understand various aspects of internet technologies better.  Reggie also posts articles on this website covering a plethora of topics.