Computer Support

Computer Support

Reggie’s PC Resources provides a plethora of computer support services to the community.  These services include the following

System Backups

RPCR provides computer backup services via a partnership with Carbonite.  What would you do if your hard drive crashed or your laptop was stolen with all of your family pictures, business documents, or the like on it?  Would they be lost forever?  If you have a good backup system running then you will at least be able to retrieve your files and not lose all those memories or revenue.

Technical Support

We provide technical support services for computer issues.  This may be, for example, system overheating, the system has become very slow, etc.  We troubleshoot and resolve your issue as fast as possible.

System Upgrades

Upgrade your system instead of purchasing a new one.  Sometimes upgrading your system is all it takes to extend its life a few more years.  Upgrading your computer will also save money since an upgrade costs less than a whole new system.  We can install a Solid State Drive (SSD) to increase hard disk performance, add RAM, upgrade a video card, etc.


We can establish a backup system to protect your important files.  We can even take it further and establish a disaster recovery system so that not only are your files protected, but also your operating system and programs.

Purchasing Assistance

We are here to help when it is time to purchase a new computer.  We can review a system you intend on buying and provide recommendations based on your needs.  We can be involved with your purchase as much or as little as you want us to be.

Malware Protection

No computer should be without malware protection.  Reggie’s PC Resources can recommend the best protection for your system and set it up for you.

Internet Security

Along with malware protection, all computers connected to the internet should have internet security software installed.  Businesses may want to go further and implement gateway security at the router level or by using a dedicated appliance.  Reggie’s PC Resources can get you set up with the appropriate internet security product to protect your computer and network while surfing the web.