About Reggie

About Reggie

Wiliam Reginald Cunningham (Reggie) is the founder of both Reggie’s PC Resources, Pursuing the Truth Ministries, and President of Serene Real Estate Solutions.  Reggie has had a penchant for electronics, physics, and science since he was a child in the 1970s. He used to take apart radios, televisions, and anything else he could get his hands on.  He spent much time trying to figure out how things work and on several occasions was asked to help fix things because of that general knowledge. One Christmas many years ago Reggie had completely taken apart his brand new ten speed bike just to see how the positron gears on it worked.  Reggie loves helping people even with technology.  He enjoys helping families, businesses, and churches with their computers, networks, and other IT items.

Reggie’s PC Resources was conceived after he was the last member of the business that he and his brothers created over 20 years ago.  IT was called C3E (Cunningham Computers, Communications, and Electronics).  After a while everyone went their separate ways, but Reggie still wanted to have a technology business.  He decided that he would start his own company and RPCR was born.  However, Reggie’s youngest brother, Mark Cunningham, still helps him with some clients as Mark is an IT professional as well. Reggie’s younger brother, Michael J. Cunningham also works in the IT industry.

Reggie’s PC Resources is operated using Christian principals because Reggie is a Christian and also a Christian minister.  He has always been reluctant to divulge this type of information when promoting his business, but he finally realized that it is who he is and sharing that information helps people to know more about him when they consider letting him into their homes or businesses.  You can read more about this aspect of Reggie’s life at his ministry website – Pursuing the Truth Ministries .

Reggie is an IT professional.  He has earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University.  However, he fell in love with computers while in high school in the 1970s.  He particularly enjoyed programming and of course he was always interested in how they worked.  He and his brother, Michael purchased and shared their first computer, the Tandy TRS 80 model 4 while they both were electrical engineering students at Drexel University.  Reggie programmed that computer using Basic and Pascal.  He wrote a financial management program, Bible study program, and a text editor, and grocery list management program using that computer.  He later started to program in a defunct language called Clipper for database development and then he moved to Microsoft’s .NET technologies.

Reggie still enjoys working with hardware even though his passion seems to be in programming and website development.  He manages Windows servers and workstations and Local area networks.  He manages SQL Server databases and has managed Exchange server in the past.  Reggie is quite ecclectic in that he is familiar with hardware, networking, software, and website development.  At the time of this writing he is, as he puts it, “getting smart with virtualization and mobile app development.”

Here are some of Reggie’s IT experiences.

  • Computer system integration, configuration, upgrades, and support
  • Local Area Network design, construction, and support
  • Computer training (classroom and one-to-one)
  • Computer programming
  • Web application development
  • Website design
  • Windows domain environment
  • Windows operating systems
  • Microsoft Exchange Server administration
  • Storage Area Network
  • Virtualization with VMWare
  • XML
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Drupal

Some of Reggie’s accomplishments are:

  • Developed the website for the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (www.ismp.org) in addition to several web applications for normal business operations.
  • Developed many business websites with custom content managers for clients
  • Developed several ecommerce websites
  • Developed the Navy Shock Database web application using ASP, JavaScript, SQL Server, XML, and XSLT for the United States Navy
  • Developed a multi-user client database application for equipment analysis, which was used in shock qualification analysis of equipment for shipboard installation.
  • Build several local area networks
  • Developed the Stelplan Download Web Application for MacSteel Service Centers USA, which provided a more efficient way to access and download specific user files without jeopardizing other files, as was the case with FTP.
  • Developed the Stelplan Download Manager for MacSteel Service Centers USA, which reduced the amount of time managers had to spend in preparing custom reports from the database.  This was a VB application that allowed managers to modify users’ system information as well as generate custom and stock reports.  This was previously done manually with MS Access.

Some of Reggie’s hobbies and interests are:

  • Playing piano and electronic keyboards (Reggie loves to play the piano, but he says if only he had more time to practice)
  • Music (Christian worship, blues, Jazz, Bach, Mozart, and classical)
  • Movies (Reggie just loves a good movie)
  • Martial arts and boxing
  • Weight training
  • Teaching Bible classes and small groups
  • Cleaning (go figure.  The tech-head likes to clean.  He and his wife used to own a JaniKing commercial cleaning franchise back in the mid 1990s)

You will find that Reggie loves people, loves technology, and loves helping people with technology.  He has been married to his wife, Carla Cunningham since 1988 and has one son, William Nathaniel (Nate).