Reggie’s PC Resources provides several support services for the home, office, and church.  These include the following: system troubleshooting, networking support, consulting, virus removal, system upgrades, system evaluations, file backup services, system monitoring.

Computer Support

Reggie’sIT-Support-image PC Resources provides a plethora of computer support services to the
community.  This support includes various types of services designed to service computers and systems so that they work smoothly for you.  We believe in the educated consumer so we will always explain to you what we did and what the problem or issue was.

Your computer requires regular maintenance just like your automobile.  Think about it.  You use your computer all day long and I would venture to say that you probably use your computer more than you drive your car.  There are moving computersupportparts and heated parts in the computer just as they are in an automobile. Therefore, the computer should be cared for so that it’s life is as long as possible and so that it gives you reliable service.

Our services includes proactive system monitoring where we remotely monitor various parameters of the computer so that we can take action before something becomes serious. For example, we can detect if your are running out of disk space or if memory is being consumed more than in the past.  We can detect if the system is not updating itself and can alert you of these things before your system crashes.  It’s like resolving issues with your car before you breakdown while driving.  Many people wait until their computers “break” before they do any type of maintenance. Well you don’t have to be a computer technician to own a computer.  Allow us to help you through education and several maintenance services.

System Monitoring Services

Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your computer system before you have it maintained.  Too often people use their computer system day after day and do little to nothing to ensure that it is operating as best it can.  Your computer can be monitored so that alerts can be generated when things start going wrong.  For example, you can be alerted when memory is running low or if your hard drive space is being depleted.  Don’t wait until a minor issue brings your computer to a screeching halt.  Allow Reggie’s PC Resources to monitor your computer so that it has a much better chance of serving you for a long time.

Network Support

homenetworkImageDon’t forget about the network.  A computer network is more than just a convenience these days.  It is a way of life in the home and in the office and even in churches.  A properly constructed and maintained computer network will serve you well, but an

Home wifi network. Internet via router on phone, laptop and tablet pc. 3d

Home wifi network. Internet via router on phone, laptop and tablet pc. 3d

improperly constructed one can give you headaches and introduce security risks.  Let us help you with your network both to set it up and to maintain it.

We can setup and configure a computer network for your home, office, or church so that you can share files and resources.  We can also help you with your wireless network such that it has security and ample coverage.  Our network support services include constructing a computer network for your home or office (wired and wireless), securing your network, configuring resource sharing and security, and troubleshooting issues.