Support for Churches and Non-Profits

Support for churches and non-profitsSince the owner of Reggie’s PC Resources has pastored churches in the past and is actively involved in ministry through his own Christian ministry, Pursuing the Truth Ministries RPCR is acutely aware with the challenges that small churches face when trying to implement technology within their ministry objectives.  We can help.  We can provide the consultation and support you need to use technology to enhance and extend the ministry objectives and activities of the church.  We have provided churches with these types of services since the 1990s.  We can help you…

Here are some things that we can help your church with.

  • Develop the church’s website so that ministry can be extended far beyond the physical structure.
  • Build a church intranet for ministry staff and guests to use to access ministry resources
  • Develop systems to extend ministry objectives by using technology, e.g., posting sermons online using a content manager system with a website
  • Provide computer systems and computer components to build a church network
  • Recommend and help setup electronic Bible study software and resources
  • Build a computer lab for community outreaches, e.g., afterschool activities
  • Help with the implementation of social networking to further extend the ministry of the church
  • Help with the implementation of mobile technology to even further extend ministry activities and directly communicate with those associated with your church
  • Setup multimedia resources for the website, e.g., place video or audio versions of sermons or teachings online.
  • Setup an online store to sell ministry resources and take donations online

Reggie’s PC Resources is dedicated to helping churches use technology within their ministries.  We have provided churches with affordable websites, computer labs, computer consultation, and networking support.  Pastors and church leadership are concerned with their ministries and don’t want to spend time dealing with technology issues.  Reggie’s PC Resources can provide technology support without the church needing to hire an IT person or contract with an outside vendor for services that really aren’t needed.


Reggie, the owner of Reggie’s PC Resources, is the systems administrator for a non-profit company in Horsham, PA and he is therefore well aware of the challenges that face non-profits in using technology in day-to-day operations and within budget.
Support for churches and non-profitsWe can help your non-profit implement technology without breaking your budget.  We provide cost effective solutions for technology.  These include the following.

  • Consultation
  • Website development and hosting
  • Computer network support
  • Mobile technology consultation
  • Social network implementation
  • Computer system monitoring services