Computer and Network Support

Reggie’s PC Resources provides computer and network support for homes,computersupport offices, and churches.  We can help you setup a new computer system or implement a new network of computers.  We can help you setup a new printer or wireless network.  If you are having an issue with your computer system or you need help implementing or maintaining one then contact us right away for personalized technical assistance.

We can also help you if you need or want a new computer system.  How do you transfer your files and programs from the old system to the new one? What new system should you get and with what operating system (e.g. Windows 7 or Windows 10)? How do you know if you are going to purchase the proper computer for your needs?  These and other questions is what we can get answered for you.  With our over 25 years of experience in the computer industry we are well able to consult you on the type of computer system you should purchase.

Can’t connect to your wireless network with your new device, e.g., a new wireless printer?  No worries. We can get that up and running for you.  We can help if you have questions.  What’s even better is that we will come to your location if needed (we try to resolve issues remotely if possible because it saves on travel time allowing us to service more people in the same time period)