Are You Ready For A Disaster?

It is very probable that the computer system in your home or office will experience a disaster causing you to lose your data (company files, family pictures, music, etc.). Would you be prepared?  Would you or your company be able to survive a disaster?  Unfortunately many people do not think about their computer systems and Read More …

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Your Organization Needs a Website

Do you own a business?  If so then you need a functional and modern website.  Even churches and non-profits are expected to have a website.  People are spending an increasing amount of time online for a plethora of reasons.  People are shopping more online, interacting more online, and acquiring various resources and content online.  Therefore, Read More …

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Tips To Protect Your PC From Malware

Recently many Windows computer systems around the world were infected by malware named WannaCrypt (WannaCry).  This malware is in a class called ransomware.  It encrypts (scrambles) the files on your computer and then demands a ransom (money) to unencrypt them.  You cannot read files that are encrypted. WannaCry takes advantage of a vulnerability in an Read More …

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