About Us

Reggie_ReporterArticleReggie’s PC Resources (RPCR) evolved from a company started by three brothers in the early 1990’s called the C3E company (Cunningham Computers Communications and Electronics). Reggie’s PC Resources officially began in 2003, however the owner has been doing IT consulting work since the mid 1980’s. William Cunningham (AKA Reggie) is a graduate of Drexel University with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Reggie has had a penchant for electronics and “how things work” since he was a child. This later manifested in experiments and then in helping people with their various devices.

RPCR started as a means to provide computer support services to the community, churches, small businesses and individuals. RPCR provided computer diagnosis and repair services, custom application development, and system consultation. Reggie is active in the community.  Click here  to read some of the articles that he has written for various publications.

RPCR moved into Internet technologies and networking. We have helped design and implement networking systems in homes, and businesses. We provide computer configuration for network access, web development, domain name registration, and web hosting services. Today we offer many services in the area of networking. See our services page for a list of the services that we provide.

RPCR believes in the personal touch in computer support and services. We are very sensitive to the needs of the individual and strive to meet those needs. We are truly a customer-centric organization that realizes and promotes the needs, concerns, and sometimes fears of our customers.

We develop solutions so that your job or operations would be that much easier. You should not have to worry about the technology that you use. We take the hassles out of the complexities of Information technologies from you. If you have a request or problem then all you have to do is call us.
ecenter_nonprofitsAnother thing that sets us apart from many companies is that we try to instruct the customer on the basics of their respective systems. No we don’t try to make you an IT expert, but we do strive to help you understand generally what you have. This is similar to you having general knowledge about your car. You may not be able to fix it, but you do know that you should change the oil so often, put gas in the tank, tire pressure, etc. You may not be able to change a tire, but you do know that you should if it is flat or low. The same applies to technology. You may not be able to fix something, but at least you can better pinpoint problems and at the very least relay any issues or concerns to IT personnel.

One more thing that really sets us apart from many companies is that we try to help you communicate effectively with IT personnel. Being able to communicate in an efficient and appropriate manner goes far to help both sides understand the issue or request and makes providing a solution that much quicker. RPCR goes even further with this by providing written reports for the work that we have done so that you always have documentation for future reference.

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